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They are NOT your personal tech team! – Don’t come looking for people to just do what you say or build what you want. We’re encouraging non-programmers to come but only in the spirit of collaboration and team work. We want to avoid the dreaded “hackers in a cage” syndrome so please don’t be a bulldozer. This is really important. Learn some tech vocabulary (and even better, at least a little code!) – you don’t have to know how everything works and you definitely don’t have to know how to code anything that works, but it will go a looooong way towards efficiency and reciprocal respect if you come to the table with even a little bit of knowledge. There are lots of resources online & we’ll be running pre-event workshops including an all-day round table where you can come to learn in a fun and supportive environment.
  • Resource – This is a great article by Inc. Magazine about how to decide which programming language to learn, and it includes a really extensive infographic which lays it all out.
Keep the team on track & prepare a killer presentation – There are some crucial skills you’ll need to be an effective Team Manager, and that includes; time management & keeping the team on track, being a moderator for debates, and preparing and leading the presentation. If you’re someone who can lift flagging spirits that’s a bonus! – Hackathons can be an intense experience, with a group of people trying to build something creative in a short period of time. So it’s particularly helpful if the Team Manager can help keep everyone motivated and feeling like a team.
The 4 Types of Bad Managers
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