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How men can offer support in a woman only hackathon

Hack the Patriarchy is a hackathon for women and non-binary programmers, founded by Kali Williams, aimed at creating innovative solutions for relevant issues facing marginalized communities around the world. While our first event is specifically women and non-binary, that doesn’t mean our male allies can’t help and support the effort!

In fact, we know that there are thousands of men out there who are as sick of sexism and discrimination in technology and the workplace as we are, and who are eager to make a change. We know that many men want and need to be part of the solution, and we want to include and empower them to support our efforts to the greater benefit of all.

So, guys, here are some ways you can help Hack the Patriarchy:

Spread the word! Share us on social media, mention us to friends and colleagues, and help us gain visibility. Download and share the event information among your groups, and let people know where you stand.

Help us get sponsors! See if your company is willing to be a sponsor, and let them know you want an inclusive workplace.

Volunteer! Get in touch at and find out how you can get involved. The active participation of our male allies is an incredible asset to everyone involved, and helps change culture, one person at a time.

We are passionate about changing the gender disparity in tech, and believe that greater equality means better working conditions, more successful solutions, stronger companies, and stronger communities. Everyone stands to gain when companies and workplaces are more diverse and inclusive, and we can start to make that happen now. We welcome all men who support our vision, and can’t wait to get to work.